Darline Bucchare - Acting Information
I took a dialect class.  It was very interesting!!  I can do a Southern accent. 

I love acting.  I love being in front of the camera!!
I did a Tubby's commercial.  It was fun and was aired on TV!!  Here is the link if you would like to check it out.   https://sendnow.acrobat.com/?i=WQMApzOqWuzH4eTwROXUwA

I was part of the audience for the television medical program, "Ask Dr. Nandi."  I got to ask a question and be on camera several times.  It is fun to do.  They have some very interesting topics, and have actual people that have or have had the condition along with specialists in that particular field.
I was in a 48 Hour film, Chain of Life, with The Actor's Loft. We didn't come in first place, but we had fun doing it. That was quite an experience!  I played an executive board member.
 I have taken acting classes and just finished acting classes with The Actor's Loft. We did some Improv.
I am in an independent film "Solitude", directed by Robert Joseph Butler.  I play "Hollywood Executive #2".  
I am listed on IMDb.com.  Please check it out and click like.   Here is the link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3563540/ 
I was an extra in Gran Torino, my very first film, and I am seen four times in the very first scene, which is totally awesome! and even got to drive my car close to the end of the film.  That was very exciting!!!!  Clint Eastwood is great!!  He is so soft spoken!
I was also in a Murder Mystery Play, in Trenchcoat Theatre, which was fun.  I played a Sheriff's Deputy.  I enjoyed doing that in front of a live audience.
I played a lead part, the wife, in a short play at the Grosse Pointe Theatre. 
I worked on two or three different scenes in Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman.  I enjoyed working on that film.  He is very good looking and very nice!!!!  The film is very interesting!
 I have done on camera work for student films from the Motion Picture Institute (MPI).  I don't mind helping them once in a while.  Great on camera experience!
I am looking forward to doing many more films!!